Will Lithium end world’s dependence on oil?

so two things are absolutely clear one

the shift to renewables it is happening

and it is happening at a record pace and

the way the lithium industry is

developing looks very similar to the

beginning of the oil boom

lithium involves complicated extraction

just like

oil lithium is shaping geopolitics just

like oil

lithium will be driving cars just like


oil and will it end the world’s

dependence on oil

here’s a report

it is the lightest metal on earth it has

the lowest density of all metals

two times lower than that of water

and in appearance it looks like a shiny


which can be cut with a knife

lithium was discovered in 1817 by

swedish chemist

johann arf arfwetson it has an atomic

number of three

and has multiple users

the most important use isn’t

rechargeable batteries for mobile phones

laptops digital cameras and

electric vehicles it is also used in

some non-rechargeable batteries

for things like hot pacemakers clocks

and even toys lithium oxide is used in

special glasses

lithium steel rate is used as a

temperature lubricant

lithium hydride is used as a fuel

and lithium chloride is used in drugs to

treat depression

over 50 of the world’s lithium reserves

are found in the lithium triangle

of south america one third of the

reserves in this triangle are in bolivia

close to 21 million tons argentina has

the world’s second largest reserves

at 17 million tons chile comes third

with nine million tons three other

countries too have considerable amounts

of lithium

like the united states with 6.8 million


australia with 6.3 million tonnes and

china with 4.5 million tons

as this new decade moves forward most

fossil fuel reserves will diminish

and so will the demand the solution will

become largely

battery dependent and for now batteries

need lithium

apple is planning an electric

self-driving car that will run

on lithium iron phosphate batteries

china’s baidu is developing similar cars

that too will run

on similar batteries so the question is

how much lithium would be needed in the


the most recent estimates say the demand

will hit 1.3 million tons

in this decade this is five times the

current demand

it will lead to a greater push for

lithium extraction

lithium-rich nations are expected to

reap a bounty

in 2018 chile earned a revenue of nearly

one billion dollars

only by selling lithium in 2021

that figure is set to increase

lithium is the new oil and the countries

where it is found have the potential

to create a body similar to the

organization of petroleum exporting


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