Why is Everyone Leaving California?

people are just bailing there is a mass
exodus out of california immediately
california once called the California
is known for its hollywood stars
amazing beaches and great year-round

with beautiful topography all kinds of
cultures and great food
california looks like an ideal place to
however in recent years there has been a
exodus of individuals leaving the state since
california has been losing quite a
hundred thousand people annually
who have moved to other states and each
single year
it appears more and more people are
leaving joe rogan
graham stephen kanye west and hundreds

of thousands of people have begun
leaving the state
so you’ll be asking yourself why does
everyone seem to be leaving
well the short answer is it’s
part one trouble within the California
over the past few years the standard of
living in california has dropped
overpopulation and extreme levels of
poverty are concerns for
everybody in california consistent with the
census bureau california’s poverty rate
of 18.2 percent
is the second worst within the country only
exceeded by washington dc
in other words nearly one in every five
people living in california
falls below the poverty rate as a result
california’s major urban hubs like
los angeles and San Francisco
have continued to face a number of the worst

homelessness problems within the united
and this has gone on to impact the
golden state in several ways
san francisco has always been referred to as
one of the most hubs for hosting
national company conferences
however thanks to an increase in poor street
many companies that were even originally
founded in california
have moved their conferences out of the

in 2019 oracle moved their open world
which generated 64 million dollars in
to Las Vegas nevada for people choosing
whether to continue living and dealing
in the California
the homelessness problem continues to be
a topic of dialogue
on top of the main homelessness problem
california currently features a population of
over 39 million people
more than the whole country of canada
with populations of over 18 million in
the greater l. a. area
and 7 million within the greater san
francisco area


this has led to for much longer commute
times as compared to other u.s cities
having heavy traffic adds up in an
average work week
and can be seen as a serious factor
impacting the standard of living for
millions of people

while current events have made this
issue of traffic less of an element within the
short term
over subsequent several years this problem
will likely grow as a problem facing the
golden state
in addition to the explanations stated above

several parts of california also face
the risk of natural disasters
mainly wildfires and earthquakes while
wildfires are less of a risk in metro

they have been seen to get on the increase
and greatly impacting suburban counties
forcing many of us to evacuate
earthquakes on the opposite hand
are less of a risk factor but still are
worth mentioning
overall a growing homelessness problem
and terrible traffic


times alongside several wildfires has
significantly decreased the standard of
living offered
although the advantages of living in
california should beat out this
decreased quality of living

this is faraway from the sole reason people
are packing their bags
part two paying the piper
with the standard of living dropping in
california this has also raised another
growing issue for several people
namely the exuberant costs to measure in
the California
california has one among the very best tax
burdens on its citizens within the united
states for wealthy residents such as joe rogan

the state income tax rate could be as
high as 13.3 percent annually
could save him millions of dollars from
his 100 million dollar spotify deal

however it’s not just the rich and
famous who are leaving california to
avoid taxation
but people in the lower and middle class
are leaving too in large part
due to the housing costs according to a
nationwide apartment company
the average rent in california is one
thousand four hundred and twenty dollars

per month by comparison in texas
the average rent is only nine hundred
and seventeen dollars per month
with such strong price differences it’s
little wonder many are packing up and
heading east
going beyond just rent there are the
prices of purchasing a home
the median cost of a home in california
is upwards of five hundred thousand

which is more than double the median
home cost of two hundred and twenty six
thousand dollars
nationally on top of high taxes and
housing costs
californian cities can also be more
expensive in other ways
with higher than average commute times
to work and california gas prices being
a dollar higher than the national
high gas costs are just another example
of what could be avoided by leaving the
for some these higher costs are worth it
for the benefits that come from living
in california

however this may change
part three compelling alternatives
while it remains unclear when california
will solve these problems
many people have begun looking to other
states that are compelling and don’t
seem to be having these same issues
the first state that has seen a spike in
people moving in from california

is the state of nevada the so-called
california exodus
has made nevada the fastest growing
state during a merica for a second year in a
and according to current census data
ex-californians now represent a fairly
high percentage of nevada’s population
with nearly a hundred thousand
californians emigrating to las vegas in
2019 alone

unlike california nevada has no state
income tax and much
cheaper housing prices why pay twelve
hundred dollars per month for an
outdated one-bedroom apartment in
south los angeles when for the same
price you could live in a newly built
three-bedroom townhouse in a
middle-class suburb just outside of las

nevada is after all known as the state
of second chances
where they say outcasts can succeed and
misfits can rebound
for many californians not having to
worry anymore about wildfires
traffic jams rent increases gas taxes
or rampant homelessness makes moving to
nevada seem like an easy decision
apart from nevada another state that has
seen a spike of californians moving in
is the state of texas in 2019
half a million moved to the lone star

while taxes in california are among the
highest in the united states
both personal and corporate income taxes
are non-existent
in texas while california still has the
largest economy in all of the united
texas is the second largest and the
capital city of austin has had numerous
large tech
companies move in such as google and
similar to nevada one of the main
reasons why californians are choosing to
move to texas

is due to the lower cost of living for
many people
being able to afford a house in
california is unattainable
however in texas a house can be bought
at a fraction of the cost
alongside nevada and texas florida
arizona and colorado
have all seen an increase in
ex-californians moving into their states
with the economic uncertainty brought
forward in 2020
and people spending a lot more time at
home now has become the perfect time for

people considering relocating
or settling down so with all of this
being said
where exactly can california go from
is the state doomed to a mass exodus or
will california find a path to
over the next few years this place is
going to sink watch
as soon as i leave
part four the future of california
with an increase in companies allowing
their employees to work remotely
this has made the issue of heavy traffic
less of an issue
with the technology mega hub of silicon
valley and the film industry mega hub of

california is likely to continue to see
economic growth in the future
even though california’s population is
still growing

its population growth rate has dropped
to its lowest percentage since 1900
the golden state still has a chance for
revival in the next few years if the
issues surrounding quality of living and
high cost of living become less
dire however if the state is unable to
address any of these issues and they
continue to get worse
emigration out of the state will
continue to rise in the near term
the most likely case is that it will
take years to reverse the effects of the
current problems

and begin making forward progress on
them while california is seeing a large
amount of people leave or threaten to
leave the state
realistically california still has
enough economic output from its millions

of residents that this will hardly
matter in the short term
seeing notable celebrities like joe
rogan and elon musk talk bad about the
golden state

will certainly have many people think
twice before choosing to move to
it in the past five years five million
people have left california
moving to places like nevada florida and

california which has long been the
thriving state is starting to see many
long-time residents move out
according to a uc berkeley poll half of
voters in california have considered

for those seeking to retire early or
find a better quality of living and
work-life balance

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