Why companies are leaving California for texas

for as long as anybody can remember

california has ranked among the most

desirable places to live on earth

its majestic redwood forests world-class

education system

sandy beaches beautiful people and

global food scene have cemented its

status as a proven mecca for big money

and talent

but all that seems to be changing an

exodus of tech firms has recently

decided to up sticks from the golden


and make their homes in a very different

corner of the united states

so today we’re looking into the burning

question why are companies moving from

california to texas

last year according to data from the u.s

census bureau

653 000 people decided they’d had enough

of california’s glossy charms and opted

to set up home elsewhere

the most popular destination for these

relocators texas

internal migration trends like these are

always complicated

but it’s worth noting that this texan

exodus has really picked up pace this

year with some very high profile people

and companies making their way out to

the lone star state

let’s look at a few in july elon musk

announced that the biggest u.s tesla car

plant to date would be built on the

outskirts of austin texas

and that’s no small thing representing a

1.1 billion investment in the region

not to mention the creation of around 5

000 high-skilled jobs

musk’s personal residence is now

reportedly also in texas

as well as a new base for his drilling

operation the boring company

just established in flugerville part of

musk’s reason to move there is no doubt

so he can be closer to his beloved

spacex base in boca chica south texas

that’s where musk’s starship rockets are

currently being developed and tweet

ready for a future mission to mars but

there’s also significant push factors

actively driving musk away from

california back in may

musk had a very public bust up with

californian official lorena s gonzalez

after his fremont california tesla

factory was forced to close as part of

the state’s efforts to tackle the spread

of coronavirus

musk was furious at the order to close

and issued a tweet saying his company

would be

filing a lawsuit against alameda county


the unelected and ignorant interim

health officer of alameda

is acting contrary to the governor the

president our constitutional freedoms

and just plain common sense

frankly this is the final straw tesla

will now move its.

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