Who launched iphone first in the world

Hello friends, welcome to today’s post, in this post, I will tell you the full information about the apple that we have called the iphone, who has launched it today.

So friends apple is not the company that launched the iphone but rather it was another company that did it in 1998, i.e., nine years before the launch of the first iPhone of Steve Jobs apple.

Today you will be surprised to know that it is not that apple is not the company that launched iphone in the world.


Who did iphone launch

The first phone in the world by the name of Iphone was launched in the year 1998 by Infogier, a company based in California, it was brought as an Internet touchscreen telephone. It was obviously not a smartphone, at least today, the way we experience the smartphone. It was a desktop telephone

The Infogear iphone was a phone ahead of the era that did not get that much popularity, which is why Infogear stopped making iPhones after a design introduced in 1999. The company was bought by Cisco Systems in the early 2000s Since 2006, Cisco has used the name for a VO IP telephone called the Linux iphone.

In early 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage at that year’s MakeWorld conference to announce Apple’s first iPhone, and Cisco was quick to sue the Cupertino company for trade mark violations, although June before the Apple iPhone came to market. The dispute was resolved before 2007, although they did not disclose financial distribution on the deal. Interestingly, Cisco and Apple agreed that they would both have the right to use the iphone name.

However we have not seen the Cisco Iphone since then and probably will not be able to see it in future.

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