What is a Blog? How It Works and the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

all about what is a blog and the

differences between a blog and a website

I think if you’re new to blogging you’ll

find this information very interesting

so a little life update from us Lauren

and I just got back from living a month

out in Portugal we are out living in

Lisbon and it was absolutely spectacular

we’re out there with a group called the

Wi-Fi tribe they’re a group of CO living

co-working CO partying Co having fun

entrepreneurs that kind of grouped

together and visit different places

around the world

Portugal itself was absolutely

spectacular is just so so beautiful and

I might just show you guys some clips in

this little segment specifically the

beaches were just amazing I mean they

had everything from the blue greens to

the white sandy beaches to just these

amazing cliffs and amazing rocks it was

really spectacular Lisbon itself the

city was very beautiful Porto we got out

there and we actually got to see some of

the Red Bull Air Races which was really

cool we we didn’t mean to do that but

Porto is also beautiful just the country

as a whole really spectacular Portugal

is also known for their coffee and for

their custards so we had too much coffee

in too much custards but we’re happy now

to kind of be back in the States

and be working on sort of the next steps

with create and go in the next steps

with our online business but for those

of you here right now you’re probably

more interested in hey I need to get to

the information of what actually is a

blog and what’s the difference between a

blog and website so let’s get right into

it alright guys let’s talk the difference

between a blog and a website if you’re

kind of confused about this as a whole

then you are right in the same place

that Lauren and I were two years ago we

honestly didn’t know what the difference

between a website or a blog was but

despite our confusion we were eager to

get started and we were eager to make

money we saw that bloggers online we’re

making a lot of income we were

interested in quitting our jobs and

making that kind of income and that’s

where we started kind of fast-forward to


Lauren I’ve built two six-figure blogs

combining making over $50,000 a month

it’s crazy but it’s a true story and

many people will now even call us expert

bloggers and I don’t know when that

happened or I don’t know if I ever feel

like I am an expert blogger but I do

feel like I’m gonna be able to give you

a very solid and tangible definition of

is a blog the boring definition of what

is a blog is sort of a regularly updated

page website oh by the way if you don’t

know this is one of our blogs creating

goko and that’s where this articles post

it anyway a regular or updated page or

website the easier way to understand it

is that this is a blog creating goko is

a blog when you’re reading any of the

posts on this website and the written

what holds the comments re the blog

itself is what holds the content in the

blog post what you’re reading and in our

case and in our blog is the part of the

entire website as a whole this is why

sometimes websites are referred to as

blogs and I’m gonna clear kind of all of

this up here and the next step because

the question you’re probably asking is

okay what’s the difference between a

blog and a website well I’m more of a

visual learner myself so let me give you

some examples there are three kind of

categories that websites fall under with

blogging and this is where the confusion

comes up and let me to separate those in

the three categories for you the first

is that the website is a blog the second

is the website has a blog and the third

is that the website is just a website

it’s easier to look at it from the

framework of of what the website is so

let’s dive into a little more detail on

each one and explain the differences the

first is that the website is a blog if

you’re on creating goko right now

you can also check out our other blog

which is avocado calm this is our other

six-figure blog that we have it’s

primary a blog because it is created and

centered around updated content and blog

posts that’s what I refer to these

websites as blogs because it’s all

centered around the content that we

create here are some of the names that

you could classify

these websites as you could call it a
can call it an authority niche or

website this is something that you

probably won’t have heard yet if you’re

typing in what is a blog and finding

this post but this is more of an

internet marketing term that you will

hear sort of later on other examples of

websites that are primary content is a

blog our blog posts are like something

like The Huffington Post our BuzzFeed

these are both examples of places that

would mainly be considered a blog almost

like a media outlet because it’s the

primary content that they post BuzzFeed

as well while they might call themselves

a business or are some other things they

are technically a blog because blog

posts remain their primary content now

if they called themselves a website or a publisher

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