Top Countries with Highest Job Opportunities 2021

By | April 26, 2021

top 10

countries with the most job
number 9. france
has a huge

attraction to

a technological workforce like other

european countries

france has a technology industry that

dreams of being able to employ digitally


and a qualified workforce from india


the middle east and more in 2019 the

president announced a technology visa

that aims to attract international

talent and make france the best country

to work in for a skilled workforce

france is not an exception

when it comes to the skill shortage in

it ai

science and innovations but


france performs well in international

rankings of education

health care life expectancy and human


number eight turkey turkey might not be

one of those countries

that actively seeking and attracting

foreign workforce from abroad

however it’s possible to get an

assignment to turkey working for


companies who are always on the lookout

for skilled employees

those heading to work in turkey may be

pleasantly surprised by the size of an


expert’s salary for middle managers

offered in this country

the pleasure of the mediterranean

lifestyle is considerably enhanced by a

hefty 266

298 dollars a year

number seven switzerland officially the

swiss confederation

is a country situated at the confluence

of western

central and southern europe this alpine

home of skiing

pastoral landscapes also a model of good


and comes with a reliable economy the

financial services industry is a big

employer in switzerland

and it’s well known as a high wealth

center switzerland is one of the highest

paying countries in the world

yes the cost of living in switzerland is

also high

however solid career opportunities and

high living standards are worth it the

average expert’s salary was 111

587.33 higher than the global average

for expats

which stands at 75 966

a massive 71 percent said they had more

disposable income in switzerland than

they did in their home country

number six china china is currently

calling out for a skilled workforce

especially in it

ai and science in order to help chinese

businesses hire professionals from


the government recently updated its

green card policy easing the way

in for professional immigrants the

domestic job market is unable to fill

the huge amount of advertised positions

specialists with five years of

experience available for employment are

a rare commodity

so chinese companies are looking for

such people all over the world

an average value of a package for an

expatriate middle manager in mainland

china it is around 276

400 now the change happened mainly due

to the increase in benefit costs such as

medical insurance

for example in secondary cities

expatriate packages are not as high as

in main destinations

but if you are ambitious enough

second-tier cities can give you a

perfect start from where to grow your

career and experience

number five australia officially the

commonwealth of australia

is a sovereign country comprising the

mainland of the australian continent

the island of tasmania and numerous

smaller islands

it is the largest country in ascenia and

the world’s sixth largest country by

total area

the sixth best country for exits

according to hsbc’s survey

the economy of australia is a highly

developed mixed economy

australia is constantly looking for

skilled people of certain professionals

and those who are also unskilled also

find lots of opportunities

it is considered a wealthy nation with a

market-based economy

that has a high gross domestic product

and per capita income

the australian economy is driven by the

service sector and commodities

the sixth best country for expats

according to hsbc’s survey

number four the usa has always been seen

as a huge attraction for innovators

entrepreneurs and talented people usa

companies have recently redoubled their

efforts at attracting talented

individuals from all over the world

the opportunities and financial rewards

will be well worth it

if you get hired in the us the usa has

always been a magnet for entrepreneurs

innovators and talented people the

states are rightly proud of being one of

the best countries in the world for


and talented professionals to work in

the united states is a highly developed


and continuously ranks high in measures

of socioeconomic performance

it accounts for approximately a quarter

of global gdp

and is the world’s largest economy by

gdp at market exchange rates

number 3. canada canada is a cherished

destination for professional-seeking

lifestyle and career advancement

the canadian working holiday iac visa

gives young people the opportunity to

experience the canadian way of life for

up to two years

home to a diverse mosaic of peoples from

all over the globe the great white north

is the perfect place

if you’re looking to feel at home in

your adopted nation

more than 31 of the country’s 37.5

million people point to britain as their

place of ethnic origin

according to government data your

children won’t have to be afraid of

standing out

for a nation that’s already stereotyped

is almost too polite

this diverse mix of peoples is the

perfect recipe for accepting newcomers

number two germany germany possesses one

of the largest economies in the world

and has seen its role in the

international community to grow steadily

it is one of the world’s most popular

migration destinations and one of the

world’s largest leading importer and


germany is a great power with a strong


it has the largest economy in europe the

world’s fourth largest economy by

nominal gdp

and the fifth largest by ppp

number one on the list is united kingdom

the uk is the highest paying country to

work in and unemployment there is also


however the full ramifications of

leaving the eu has

yet to fully be determined skill

shortages drastic in the uk and

industries are seeking out for highly

skilled professionals from all over the

world to come work in the uk the uk is one of
the most powerful world centers in terms
of finance
i.t digital and science innovations and
that’s why it’s a global magnet for
those who have knowledge in these fears
and ambitions
to use their knowledge to the best
advantage if you wish to pursue a career
in the uk there are variety of labor
visas on offer
these visas include a youth mobility
scheme visa seasonal worker visa
charity worker visa and international
agreement visa

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