Top 5 – Apple iPhones to buy in 2020

iPhone X millions of

Apple fans only have this phone since it

was launched almost a year ago is the

future of Apple smartphone it has a

large all screen display except for a
a new

true depth camera this takes selfies to

another level

the iPhone X is the Apple’s 10th

anniversary smartphone and has just

about everything

iPhone users have been asking for from a

more forward-leaning design to faster

specs and new features buy this phone

for it’s brilliant screen and powerful

specs the disappointment is it is bit

expensive links are given in the

description you can buy from their

iPhone XS believe it or not the iPhone

XS is the Apple’s best small phone it

has five point eight inch screen so it

is more one-hand friendly than the max

but still a size you will upgrade for

some people it’s an upgrade over the

last year’s iPhone X in fact this all

screen phone is pretty much the iphone

XS Macs in the last year’s smaller form

factor it does have smaller battery than

the max and obviously a smaller screen

but you will still capture the same

great photos and videos on this device

and play the same games there is no

difference there buy this phone for its

amazing camera and faster operation in

one hand the disappointment is its

battery life and it is very expensive

links are given in the description you

can check the price there and buy it

from there the iPhone XS Max is one of

the best iPhone that you can still buy

in 2020 it’s Apple’s biggest and the

best iPhone if your hands and violets a big 6.5 inch

OLED screen with HD art and support to

make colors pop it’s the perfect phone

if you want a giant screen behind the

huge screen is an improved dual lens –

an MP camera Apple outfitted it with

smart HDR and increase the sensor size

to capture larger pixels

don’t let that static 12 MP number fool

you the iPhone XS max has new depth

sensing capabilities for artists triple

bogey during and after a shoot by this

phone for its great camera and great big

screen for gaming and multimedia the

only disappointment is again its price

and size can make it tricky to handle

the eye for 11pro max is not only a

confusing shift in naming convention

it’s the biggest fastest baddest iPhone

out there it’s also the most expensive

at $1,100 starting price which only goes

up if you expand storage not much has

changed from the iPhone Nexus max aside

from the upgraded camera sued but then

again adding an ultra-wide lens is an

big upgrade and if you can get beyond

the truly view looking triple-n’s rear

camera block this is truly the most

powerful iPhone out there buy this phone

for its bigger battery foster

performance and the great triple rear

camera the only disappointment is lesser

upgrades and it is expensive

the iPhone 11 is not the highest spec

Apple food but it supersedes the iPhone

XR budget flagship in better ways to

become the stand out phone of its

generation in terms of sheer value it

misses out on a telephoto lens but like

we found on the samsung galaxy s ‘tony a

coupling of main and ultra wide lenses

so most photo needs it misses out to

telephoto lens but like samsung galaxy s

10 II a coupling of Main and ultra wide

Lancer sub most photo needs while it

doesn’t get an OLED display its LCD

screen at least all over the phone to

keep its best in generation battery life

chrome and it even gets a bit more

ramped up to 4gb from its predecessors

3gb and I was 13 and all the new tweaks

coming in the iPhone 11 series and this

phone is a lean mean photo-taking

machine and that all comes for only $700

which is very affordable iPhone buy this

phone for its great value for money fast

performance and ultra wide lens which is

far better than telephoto

the disappointment is LCD screen is used

instead of OLED screen glass back

attracts fingerprints

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