The nervous system in 9 minutes

the great and mighty nervous system or

makes this organ unique is that within

it lies the ability for humans to know

oneself this feature distinguishes and

sets the human species apart from the

rest of creation

this ability is known as consciousness

or intelligence to begin let’s look at

the primary function of the nervous

system the basic purpose is to

coordinate all of the activities of the

body it enables the body to respond and

adapt to changes that occur both inside

and outside the body

now the nervous system is actually split

into two parts the central nervous

system and the peripheral nervous system

will explore the peripheral later but

first let’s look at the central nervous

system the central nervous system is

made up of two major structures the

brain and the spinal cord

as most people know the brain is found

within the cranium or skull and there

are six main sections among other

structures within it these six sections

are the cerebrum cerebellum diencephalon

the midbrain pons and the medulla

oblongata the first section is the

cerebrum this is the largest section

it’s divided into two major hemispheres

which are the right and left hemisphere

and the cerebrum is further divided into

four lobes these four lobes are the

frontal the parietal the temporal and

the occipital

the frontal lobe is primarily

responsible for reasoning and thought

the parietal is primarily responsible

for integrating sensory information

the temporal is primarily responsible

for processing auditory information from

the ears and the occipital is primarily

responsible for processing visual

information from the eyes the second

section of the brain is the cerebellum

this is the section located in the back

of the head below the cerebrum and above

the first cervical of the neck it is

responsible for muscle coordination

balance posture and muscle tone the

diencephalon section is found between

the cerebrum in the midbrain it contains

two structures the thalamus and the

hypothalamus the thalamus behaves much

like a relay station and direct sensory

impulses to the cerebrum and the

hypothalamus controls and regulates

autonomous nervous system functions such

as temperature appetite water balance

sleep and blood vessel constriction in

dilation the hypothalamus also plays a

role in the emotions such as anger fear

pleasure pain and affection

the midbrain section is located below

the cerebrum at the top of the brainstem

it is responsible for certain eye and

auditory reflexes the pons is located

below the midbrain and in the brain stem

it is responsible for certain reflex

actions such as chewing tasting and

saliva production in the last section is

the medulla oblongata it’s the lowest

part of the brainstem

and it connects with the spinal cord and

is responsible for regulating heart and

blood vessel function digestion

respiration swallowing coughing sneezing

and blood pressure it’s also known as

the center for respiration now that

we’ve covered the brain let’s take a

look at the other half of the central

nervous system the spinal cord the

spinal cord is the link between the

brain and the nerves in the rest of the

body the spinal cord is divided into

four different regions the cervical

thoracic lumbar and the a ferret and

efferent spinal nerves which merged to

form the peripheral nerves

the afferent spinal nerves are

responsible for carrying information

from the body to the brain and the

efferent spinal nerves are responsible

for carrying information from the brain

to the body now within this elaborate

system of nerves neurons and dendrites

there is a system that regulates the

functions of the central nervous system

which lie outside its major components

such as the brain in the spinal cord

this system is known as the peripheral

nervous system and is subdivided into

two smaller systems the somatic system

and the autonomic nervous system the

somatic nervous system is responsible

for carrying motor and sensory

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