Smartwatch launched with solar charging feature, battery will last 65 days

Hello friends today’s post, you are very much welcome, in today’s post I will tell you about smartwatch.

The craze of smartwatch is growing rapidly, that is why the company is launching its latest smartwatch with new and hi-tech features, in this series, America’s leading smartwatch company garmin has launched a very smart smartwatch garmin – enduro. The feature is that it comes with solar charging support and up to 65 days of battery life.

The watch has all the necessary features, in this you will get all the features you get in a common Smartwatch with GPS, to monitor the health of the user, this watch has heart rate monitoring, advance sleep, trekking blood oxygen saturation level and many more sensors. Are given.

This smartwatch can be paired with Android as well as iOS smartphones. Talking about the price, its steel model comes with a price tag of $ 799.99 (about Rs 58,300) and Titanium variant of $ 899.99 (Rs 65,600). The smartwatch can be purchased from the company’s website.

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