Pak struggling to get a vaccine?

we’re not done with pakistan it is

facing a new dilemma

how to source millions of doses of


to give it to the most vulnerable at a

time when countries around the world

have launched mass vaccination drives

islamabad is still discussing

how and where to get a vaccine from

and its iron brother china is not really


here’s a report

march 17 2020

when the wuhan virus breached china’s

borders imran khan reassured pakistani

citizens with

this promise

it’s been 10 months but the pakistani

prime minister is yet to deliver on this

promise 10 months and pakistan still

doesn’t have a vaccine

why because unlike other countries

pakistan did not place orders well in

advance with vaccine makers

and given its troubled equation with

india islamabad hasn’t reached out to

new delhi for help

this is happening at a time when india

is driving the world’s

largest vaccination program not just for

its own citizens

but also in the neighborhood shipments

carrying indian vaccines

have landed in myanmar bhutan bangladesh

nepal afghanistan sri lanka the maldives

and seychelles but pakistan is reluctant

to cooperate with india

even for the sake of its citizens health

the result

is this islamabad will now have to pay

as much as seven dollars a dose

if they opt for the oxford astrazeneca


that is roughly 1200 pakistani rupees

per dose and money

is not the only issue here pakistan’s

vaccine industry is highly


the country’s sole authorized vaccine

distributor the rap

is unable to give a timeline for

deliveries is china helping

not really in november 2020

thousands of pakistani citizens flocked

to join clinical trials of a chinese


they were hopeful china would come to

their rescue

i suggest people to come out for this

global cause

because we know we all know that we are

suffering from this

epidemic during this whole scenario

but two months on the chinese vaccine is


undergoing clinical trials and there has

been no announcement from beijing

about assistance in securing other


but the question is even if pakistan

manages to get a vaccine

what’s the surety that pakistani

citizens will be willing to get a shot

because some in pakistan are already

sowing seeds of doubt

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