pressure point is often utilized in

therapies it can be a sensitive area of

muscles tendons ligaments or simply a

nerve cluster in order to treat ailments

shiatsu and acupressure both focus on

these pressure points in your body

there are many acupressure points in

your hands and it plays a significant

role in pointings therapy the different

body organs of your body have direct

connections on these points meaning in

order to ease the pain in different body

organs you must stimulate these pressure

points these are the five main

acupressure points in hand for self

treatment and Valley point it’s the most

popular acupressure points used to heal

different problems in your body it is

found between your pointer finger and

thumb this acupressure point helps you

get rid of stress headaches shoulder

tension neck pain constipation migraines

and tooth ache it will also help remove

excess heat from your body in a gait

point wondering how you can treat your

nausea well here’s a great solution

massage your inner gate point to relieve

it you can find this pressure point on

your wrist it is located about 3

centimeters from the crease of your

wrist use your thumb to massage it and

apply firm pressure for some time a

regular massage on it will help treat

indigestion problems nausea stomach pain

and anxiety some nail point this

acupressure point is on the outside

lower corner of your nail put in mind

that if you’re locating it on the right

thumb nail it will be on the lower left

side located and apply firm pressure or

stimulate the point by a simple massage

negative emotions can be relieved by


wrists point one are you always under

stress and want a simple yet effective

remedy you should consider stimulating

wrists point one

it’s an effectively way to relieve

stress this wrist point is located on

little finger after locating it apply

firm pressure on this point for some

time regularly by stimulating this point

stress will be lessened and you can have

an improved emotional state base of some

point this acupressure point can be

found right at the base of your thumb.

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