iphone 7- 10 tipes and tricks hidden features

the iPhone 7 & 7

plus there’s now

longer is it an actual button but a

haptic feedback where it vibrates to

make you think that it has clicked it’s

a really weird feeling you’re gonna have

to get used to but Apple has slightly

helped that by giving you the ability to

set how hard of a click or I tap it

you’d like the feel now by going at the

settings then tapping on general and

then tapping on home button you’ll be

given three different options of types

of clicks one is the softest app whereas

3 is the hardest now I prefer number 3

as it’s the most resembles as it most

resembles an actual click but you do

what makes you feel comfortable

3 now in iOS 10 by default in order to

unlock the phone through touch ID you

actually have to click the home button

you can’t just rest your finger on the

scanner and have it unlock that way now

in order to get back to that regular

mode where you can just rest your Fingal

you will have to access settings now

from settings you just go to general

than accessibility and scroll until you

see home button tap on the home button
you can
toggle rest finger to open for now if

you’re anyone like me you have 16,000

plus unread emails so filtering between

read and unread emails gets a little

hectic okay I understand some of you

guys don’t have 16,000 some may have

1000 some may have 50 I know I’m crazy I

guess every person with spam wants to

email me so that’s why I have 16,000 but

if you there’s a easy way to filter

through the right on unread emails now

if you use the stock mail app there’s a

little button on the bottom left corner

that will only show you unread emails

making your life a hundred times simpler

five so if you have trouble reading

things or seeing things in general you

can now use your iPhone like a

magnifying glass just head over to

settings press on general than

accessibility and then activate

magnifier now whenever you triple click

the home button it’s gonna open up the

rear camera and give you a zoom options

and you’ll be able to choose a range in

which you want to zoom in on different

words or objects or even zoom in on a

piece of paper 6 now we all know what 3d

touch does but one feature some people

just seem to forget with that they can

do with 3d touch is switch between apps

just by swiping with a forced touch so

inside an app do a hard press on the

side of the screen and then slide to the

right to be taken to the app that was

loaded right before it for example if

you’re reading some of the news and then

you went over to a game from that game f

you can just go ahead and force touch on

the side and this web to the right to go

back and read the news now if you don’t

swipe and just let it hold there it will

show the entire app switcher that way

you can choose any app that you want to

open that you’ve had previously open 7

so when you finally set up all your

email as your text your snapchat your

Instagram and every other app that wants

to constantly send you a thousand

notifications per second it’s gonna be

hectic you’re gonna have tons of

notifications and it’s not really that

easy to clear all of them at the same

time well now there is an easy way to

clear all of notifications at once and

that’s by 3 touching the little X that’s

found the notification panel and

clicking clear all notifications now you

don’t have to swipe for you 3 years

possibly to finally get rid of all your


eight all right so the last is gonna be

the last 3d touch tip I have for you

guys and it has to do with a flashlight

so we all know what the flashlight does

it allows us to use the flashlight at

night to look for stuff that we can’t

really see in the darkness but before

the flashlight only had one setting it

would go at bright you can really change

the brightness of the flashlight for

different situations well now you can

phone to access control panel there is

the button to turn on the flashlight now

that does what it does it opens up the

flashlight at the brightest setting but

if you three touch that button you can

now select how intense of a light you

want you can now choose from light to

medium to bright 9 so if you’re in a

group chat or just have a ton of

conversations you likely get a ton of

useless pictures I mean I get tons of

gifts means you name it I get all types

of pictures and the problem with this is

that every time you get one of those

your phone downloads them to your space

and it takes up a ton of space so now

there’s an option where you can download

pictures from text and lower quality

just go to the settings head down to

messages and then scroll down until you

see the option of low-quality image mode

select that and now every picture you

will receive will be converted to a

low-quality to save space on your phone 10 last but

not least if you find yourself in Apple

Maps looking at a destination like the

airport or some type of restaurant you

can now request an uber or a lyft

directly from the Maps app just find the

place you’re looking for pressed

navigate and then I will show you a

couple of options on the bottom it’s

going to show you how to get there if

you were to drive you’re a walk or to

use public transportation but there’s

now a new ride option that will show you

over and lyft prices and allow you to

book and get driver information right

from the maps app so that wraps up the

10 tips and tricks and hidden features

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