iphone- 12 mini size- vsi phone Se 2020

the iphone 12 mini by now

this is kind of what it looks like this

is not the official model this is a

dummy model

don’t get me wrong but this is a very

very identical size to it it’s actually

the identical replica

so you’ll see right here we do have the

iphone se from 2020 we already compared

to seven

so this is almost the same if not


to that phone but some people still just

want to see their phone the one they

have and here we are

with the iphone sc 2020 now this is

actually probably closer to the actual


versus this dummy model that you’re

going to see on the 12 mini this one

right here

is a little bit taller than the 12 mini

so they

showed this actually at the event they

showed the 4.7 inch versus

this 5.4 inch you actually have a taller

phone with less screen

on this phone so that should be the

selling point right there more screen on

a smaller

body right here now it’s only slightly

smaller we’re only talking about seven

millimeters on height

in terms of width we’re only talking

about maybe four millimeters or so

so it’s not really that much wider uh

the iphone

se 2020 these are they’re both smallest

phones here

in the lineup this year right now and

also again with the width right there if

we bring them close to each other

you’ll see that it’s a very different

look when it comes to the sides we have

a squared off edges there

we do have curvature edges and the

iphone sc is

actually a little bit thinner 7.3

millimeters versus 7.4

so the sc 2020 or the second gen

whatever you want to call it

that one is actually thinner than this

new iphone 12 mini but only

by 0.1 millimeter so really it’s not

really anything

and then in terms of the weight it

actually gets lighter than the se 2020

we’re talking

135 grams versus 148 that’s 13 grams


this is going to be the absolute

lightest phone in the apple lineup right


probably is just as light as almost as

light as back in the day with the iphone

5 days like i mean this is going to be

incredibly light phone right here

but taking a look at them on the side

again they really just look

a lot just the profile i feel like it

looks thinner

on the sc second gen uh just because of

them curved edges

it just it just gives that illusion like

it’s a thinner device and while it is a

0.1 millimeter it’s not really that big

of a difference but

i feel like the grip on the square edges

is gonna be a big difference as well i

feel like i would drop

the sc more just because of the way

these sides feel i feel like there’s

something more to hold on with these

squared edges it just feels right like i

can just

squeeze this thing grip it and it’s just

gonna work just fine whereas this one i

feel like could slip out of my hand

a little bit easier so overall that’s it


ip68 is coming to this 12 mini that’s

actually a great thing because it’s at

ip67 this is much more resistant to


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