Indian economy to get shot in the arm from budget 2021

and asia’s third largest economy india

gears up for another budget in the next

few days

india’s path to economic recovery will

be stronger than previously thought

as fiscal expansion and vaccine hopes

that helping country heal from kobe 19

crisis aurora’s poll has showed world’s

second most populous country and asia’s

third largest economy

has begun a huge vaccination drive and a

stiff fall in new covenant cases

over past few months is supporting a

recovery in asia’s third largest economy

the goal of over 50 economies showed

that economy would grow

9.5 next fiscal highest since

polling began for year in march 2020

this after contracting 8 percent in

current financial year

it was also expected to grow six percent

in fiscal year

2022-23 and the poll predicted economy

would grow

21.1 9.1 percent 5.5 percent

in each quarter of 2122 fiscal year

it was largely upgraded from a poll

taken two months ago

meanwhile rbi india central bank that

has slashed its

rep rate by 1.15 percent

since march 2020 to cushion shock from

kobe 19 crisis

was expected to keep its benchmark

lending rate

at four percent to at least 20-23

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