Farmer protest turns violent in India

now india is celebrating its 72nd

republic day today

a day when india proudly displays its

military might and cultural diversity

a day when india celebrates its unsung

heroes but today’s

republic day celebration has been

hijacked by protests that has turned

into a riot

now before we tell you what happened

let’s show you what india’s national


looked like today these are the visuals

of the protesters chasing policemen

using tractors as

tanks in the heart of delhi

this is the majestic red fort overrun by

hundreds of so-called farmers the

leaders of the farmers protest wasted no

time in dissociating themselves

from this now let’s show you how

public property was vandalized these are

state-run buses being hit

by the tractors

there are many clips telling many such

stories but

you do get the big picture these farmers

are protesting against india’s new farm

laws there have been multiple rounds of

talks with the government but the

stalemate continues

to demonstrate their descent the farmers

sought permission for a tractor rally on

republic day

the supreme court of india left the

decision to the daily police

the delhi police then gave permission

for the tractor rally but the farmers

were allotted a specific

route for their rally largely on the

outskirts of the capital so that the

residents of delhi

are not inconvenienced as the farm

groups approached delhi they not only

diverted from the agreed route but also

broke through the barricades

the police tried to stop them in some

cases by using force

clashes ensued and there were reports of

violence and vandalism from many parts

of the capital

within hours the protesting farmers

entered the redford complex

the attempt to embarrass the government

on a day like this is evident

but it comes at a huge cast for the

protesters their own leaders have begun

condemning the violence and

whatever public sympathy they had seems

to be eroding

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