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By | April 26, 2021


Cloud Computing Why Take to the cloud?

Cloud computing sounds nebulous, but in reality, it’s really quite simple and you’ve probably already engaged with it. If you’ve taken an Uber, posted to Facebook, streamed Netflix or completed your taxes with Turbo tax you’ve interacted with the cloud.

What is the cloud?
The cloud is on-demand internet infrastrusture in the form of serverless solutions. In its simplest form, cloud computing is a network of remote servers that manage, store and process data eliminating the need for a local server or personal computer.

How did the cloud begin?
The first successful use of the cloud occurred in 1999 when Salesforce developed software programs and used the internet for delivery. In 2002, Amazon introduced web-based retail services using the Cloud Computing Infrastructure Model and further paved the way in 2006 when they released the Elastic Compute Cloud. Ever since cloud technology has flourished and continues to evolve. Cloud computing opens up a world of possibility and for both individual use and business applications. There are a wide range of amazing benefits.



Cloud Computing Benefits:

1- Fast and reliable data access anywhere you have internet connection, 24/7 on any device you choose. Imagine being able to check on your investments or view your medical records anywhere at any time. Remote working, which has become crucial during Covid 19, wouldn’t be possible without the cloud.

2- Efficiency and Cost Reduction benefits are especially important for businesses. Cloud systems can take care of IT maintenance issues for you so there’s no need for an in-house IT department and you can eliminate purchasing and maintaining equipment. The savings here alone are impressive.

3- Enhanced Security is a major concern whether you are a business or an individual. One of the main functions of the cloud is to provide safe and secure data storage. Cloud services have many advanced security features that ensure that your data remains secure.

4- Quick data recovery for unforeseen scenarios from natural disasters to power outages. Storing your data in the cloud guarantees safe storage even if your personal or business equipment breaks or fails and if there’s a major disruption the cloud provides quick data recovery.

5- Most cloud-based services offer Pay As You Go options. This means you pay for only what you use and this is a major savings for your business especially if you only need a few services.

6- Collaborative Teamwork became essential during the pandemic as working remotely became the new normal. Via the cloud, employees can view and share data and information easily across cloud-based platforms. Making collaboration a simple and effective process for your business.

7- Cloud computing is Flexible and businesses can scale up or scale down operations. Adjustments can quickly be made to manage hardware and resources to adapt to changing requirements.

8- Software Updates that automatically install system updates seamlessly without having to wait for your IT team to perform manual updates. This means no down-time and no lost hours waiting to get back in your system and being productive.

Envisioning the Future of the Cloud
The future for cloud computing is limitless. Cloud infrastructure delivered when it was needed the most in 2020 with the pandemic and the need to work, study and do business remotely. Educational institutions, health care, banking, all made the move quickly and efficiently.

Thistransition was possible because cloud computing infrastructure was already in place. The pandemic created the need, cloud infrastructure has revolutionized it. This successful transformation is only the beginning of the future of the cloud.

As more research and development is conducted and more are services added, cloud computing benefits will continue to evolve and change our lives for the better

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