California Community College Online Education Initiative

are you having trouble finding a class
you need to complete your transfer
degree or certificate requirements do
they conflict with your schedule our
required course is already full is it
delaying your graduation or transfer
don’t panic the course exchange is here
that course at one of the other

California Community Colleges that
participate in the new online course
exchange you can register for up to two
online exchange courses each term if you
are a California resident have already
completed your assessments education
plan and orientation at your home
college and are currently enrolled in at
least one course there we’ve streamlined
the registration process to make it easy
for you

it’s simple register for courses as
usual in your home colleges registration
portal follow the links to find an
additional exchange course you need
register and enroll at the teaching
College offering the course take the
online course on the familiar
system-wide course management system
your home colleges registration system
after you’ve confirmed registration for
classes offered at your home College the
course exchange link will appear if you
still need a class click on the link
select the term you’re registering for
you’ll see a list of courses available
to you with the following information
the equivalent course

at your home
college the number of available seats
remaining the name of the course at the
teaching College the number of units the
course start and end dates and the name
of the teaching College offering the
course your screen may look slightly
different depending on your home College
registration system and updates to the
site you can change

the term using the
terms tab or return to the start
page anytime by clicking the logo on the
top left click on the more details link
to find the instructors name if it’s
available information on any

the course description to choose a class
click the add section button if you are
not already enrolled at the teaching
College you will be directed to CCC
apply to review and update your
prefilled college admissions application
approval could take a few hours or a few
days while your admissions application
is being processed at the teaching
College you will see a button that
displays in progress view status once
you’re accepted by the teaching College
the current status for the course will
be updated then you’ll be able to finish
registering you’ll be directed to the
teaching college to pay any necessary
fees if you are using financial aid

the required steps for processing
financial aid which is found under the
my notifications tab status
notifications will be emailed to you you
should check the website status page for
important information about your
exchange courses like sending
transcripts to your home college
requesting accommodations if you are a
disabled student dropping or withdrawing
from an exchange course and combining
units for maximum financial aid awards
combined schedule of all your home
college and course exchange classes
watch for communication from both

teaching and home colleges so you’ll be
prepared when the course begins you have
successfully registered through the
course exchange congratulations you are
on your way to getting the classes you
need to complete your college career
find out how the California Community
College online education initiative is
working to improve your student
experience visit us at CCC online edge

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