Best Online Collage In California

By | April 26, 2021


Top 3 Online collage in California

Looking for the best colleges in your area can be tough– especially during a pandemic.  Many people have made the decision to switch over to online schooling, so they can continue to keep up with their hectic lives.

In California, the options for online learning can be pretty overwhelming.  Here’s a list of some of the best online schools in the California area to ease your search.

  1. San Diego State University— Public
    1. San Diego State University holds the coveted title of best online university in California for a few reasons.  With its average to low expenses and high graduation rate of around 75%, San Diego State is a great option for anyone looking to enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s program.  They have high ratings from alumni and the public and boast about being a great “starter school.” Classes include asynchronous and hybrid meetings.  They also have career training options for those who are looking for quicker options to hop into a new field.  SDSU has a lot of different student help resources, which is always important when online school is in the mix. SDSU also has an actual campus where they hold in-person classes too; if you ever wanted to visit.
  • California State University—Public
    • According to their website, California State operates now through over 23 campuses and over 50,000 staff members.  Because of this, they are able to offer a wide range of college programs that are very accessible.  The graduation rates differ per campus, but they are a very affordable university.  Though the number of campuses and staff can seem intimidating, the school emphasizes their student-to-teacher relationships.  Some different campuses focus on different programs and aspects of degrees, so make sure to research what program or campus work best for you.
  • Brandman University—Private
    • Brandman University is a private school that offers a wide variety of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees nationwide.  Though their prices are a bit higher, the school has a high graduation rate of almost 80%.  Along with that, they offer a multitude of student resources, both on and off campus.  Brandman University also offers “self-paced” courses for those with experience in business or IT. Many alumni boast that Brandman offered some of the best online courses they have taken, with little to no issues.

Each university offers different programs with different resources to help their students through the trek of online schooling.    Finding the right school might seem hard, but focus on your program and what feels best for you—and you’ll be on your way soon enough.

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