Best Maternity Insurance In California

By | April 18, 2021

how to select the best plan
we talked about the four parts of
the health insurance plan that really
have the greatest impact on maternity
costs and those are the
co-payments the deductible amount the
maximum out-of-pocket and the premium
costs of the plans.

so these four components encompass about
ninety percent of all the costs that can
occur during the normal pregnancy
we took those four components and
applied that to all hundred and twenty
something plans that are available here
in california.

and came up with the five that minimized the entire costs
so those five plans are
first the cigna health savings
1900 plan
second plan was the kaiser permanente
0/1500 hsa
deductible plan
it’s the fifty dollar co-payment plan
it’s an h_m_o_ plan
the fourth one is the cigna health
3400 plan
they just saying
the anthem blue cross lumenos hsa
3000 plan
these five plans can
give you the total out-of-pocket costs
of less than five thousand dollars
which if you look at what we had play
year ago
there were only two plans that had
out-of-pocket costs to the premiums and
the uh… the
uh… office co-payments and deductibles
and so coinsurance of less than five
thousand dollars now there’s five plans
that offer that
sup there’s a lot better choices
interesting thing about these five
plants in all of the california maternity insurance
plans is that
um… the price range for these plans
goes from a hundred and sixty one
dollars a month to two hundred and
ninety dollars a month
you might think that you could
the hundred sixty one dollar a month
you would end up with them
total car parking costs for having a
baby but that’s actually not the case a
hundred and sixty one dollar mclean
is to see how since the reporter
languages that for the four that’s
correspondingly you might think that if
you take the two hundred and ninety
dollars month plan even end up with the
out-of-pocket costs
and that’s also not case that’s actually
the kaiser fifty dollar co-payment plan
which is the third best maternity health insurance
plan in california
so you really have to look at the
combination of premiums
and the out-of-pocket costs combined
in order to determine what’s the best
maternity health insurance plan for your
particular situation
if you have any more questions
our phone number is down below in the
description along with the link to the
maternity insurance california page on our website
for more information
consulting remember to protect the health of your
wealth by protecting your wealth of
and we’ll see again here in the future

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