5 goal setting tips for 2021

five goal-setting tips for 2021 goals

allow you to control the direction of

change in your favor

brian tracy 2020 was a year of unknowns

extreme challenges and taking inventory

of what’s most important to you

your life may have been put on hold in a

lot of ways and you’ve watched your

goals change

but you still have your eyes on the

prize now

another year is on the horizon and as

you start to think about your new year’s

resolutions for 2021

your goals will become clearer use these

goal-setting tips to help you reach new

heights in the coming year

first evaluate your progress before you

look forward you need to look back

ask yourself what have you accomplished

this year what goals did you actually

achieve that seemed so far out of reach

just a year ago

what were the biggest and smallest

milestones that you celebrated this year

each and every step you took brought you

that much closer to your biggest goals

while productivity is qualitative

progress can be quantitative

having measurable ways to track how much

progress you have made allows you to see

just how much every task adds up in the

long run

acknowledging your progress gives you a

chance to reflect on areas where you’ve


this practice boosts your confidence

offers clarity

and uses positive reinforcement which

ultimately leads to productivity

in order to perform better and reach

your goals you have to evaluate the ones

you’ve already accomplished

the next step is to recognize your

setbacks with any long-term visions you

are bound to have setbacks and this year

may have been full of them the setbacks

you experienced in 2020

might have felt out of your control but

it’s still important to recognize them

and how they affect your long-term

success ask yourself these questions

what were my biggest challenges this

year what goal-setting tips did i use to

face these challenges

how can having smart goals for 2021 help

me to overcome these setbacks

sometimes what seems like a setback

might just be a chance to get creative

and explore different routes to your


when it comes to setting goals

creativity is key to adaptation

once you’ve analyzed what set you back

last year adapt to your current reality

if we have learned anything in 2020 it’s

how to adapt to the present

the ability to adapt is necessary in

every field making it an incredibly

valuable trait

while determining your goals for 2021

you have to look at your current reality

your goals must fit with your long-term

aspirations while being realistic about

how they fit into your present life

goal-setting tips 101 will tell you to

challenge yourself

but make sure your goals are actually

attainable within a reasonable time


adaptation also involves knowing how to

maximize your productivity in any given


reaching your goals in 2021 may come

down to implementing key productivity


like completing a task once you start it

and writing down a to-do list every day

how will your goals for the next year

reflect where you are now

next make sure your goals are smart


it’s important to have a system in place

that shows you how to strategically set


having smart goals will help you zero in

on what’s important to you

and increase your chances of success

smart goals can be used to improve both

your personal

and professional life so what makes them

smart goals

number one they are specific not

ambiguous the more concise the better

number two they are measurable or able

to be evaluated

number three they are challenging but


number four they are relevant and align

with your long-term plan

and finally number five they are time

bound to a certain deadline

learning about smart goals and the

principles of goal-setting theory

will help you get clear and sure about

what you want to achieve in 2021

finally the last tip for today is make

sure you write down your goals

you probably have some ideas floating

around in your head by now but writing

them down is the first step in putting

them into action

write down a specific goal and check

that it matches each criteria within the

smart acronym

having a clear organization system like

brian’s smart goals template

will help you analyze your goals track

your progress

and help you stay motivated simply print

out the smart goals pdf template

attached below

and start writing your way to success in


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