13 of the smartest artificial intelligence companies according to MIT

at the end of 2016 in this part of MIT s

annual review the world 50 smartest

companies MIT rancor world 13 smartest

artificial intelligence company a number

13 IBM IBM is constantly strengthening

with AI poker like requiring companies

like proven health analytics and the

weather company they will provide data

to its flagship the eye product fortune

number 12 lines line is a popular

implementation you map that first

launched in Japan 2011 line is using AI

to create lifelike chat pods similar to

the movie heard that people can interact

with fruitier number 11 post machine

learning based predictive maintenance

self-monitoring most critics a billion

additional revenue another billion

savings for the next generation of

manufacturing number 10 improbable an

operating system startup based out of

London uses artificial intelligence from

people and accumulate reality

specifically focused on games government

industry and research number nine the

new Japanese industrial robotically the

previous AIT feed the learning of a

query box and to alter to free

individual robots to learn skills

independently come to eighth Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

retooling said we are infusing AI into

everything we deliver across computing

platforms and experiences under 7

diseases in the liver of China the

artificial intelligence efforts are

focused on smarter routing energy

optimization in congestion medication

under 6 base foot artificial

intelligence is secrets of gunmen in

fatal condition they are currently

advancing the field of machine

intelligence and freedom new

technologies give people better ways of

community number 5 and less and less

accuses artificial intelligence to squad

help from Linux race the vision is to

use AI to more accurately and quickly

detect problems such as Lincolnville

number 4 and video the leader in the

concept of the AI in the computer chip

the chips allow machine like burns and

robots to react to the world in


and the three alphabet the holding

company for the Google family of friends

uses artificial intelligence and

hundreds of applications flagship AI

informed product of Google search so

especially in the I story is having deep

lines become the world code changing

number to test one led by the visionary

Elon Musk Tesla uses AI to create

practical maps of the world in real-time

we sighted from camera and Raider Tesla

automobiles come off an assembly line

future already complete self-driving

number one to do known in China’s Google

we do research brings together top

researchers scientists and engineers

from around the world

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