10 Safest Countries to Live and Work in Asia

so here are 10 safest countries to live
and work in asia
number 10 thailand
thailand has been pretty consistent as a
top choice for expats heading to asia
and there are lots of reasons why
year-round tropical climate and access
to modern comforts and conveniences
including affordable high quality
medical care a ton of people visit every
year from
social unrest and violent conflicts in
parts of the country
but crimes in urban areas are super rare
it is actually a really safe place to measure
theft muggings and personal attacks are
all quite rare

it is also tons cheaper to measure in
thailand with cities like bangkok
where you can live comfortably with a
monthly budget of seven hundred dollars
number nine vietnam coming in at number
nine on our list
vietnam is a land of gorgeous panoramas
rich culture
and it boasts a street food scene that
is well worth diving deep into
overall vietnam is a very safe country
to live in
violent crime is rare and you can avoid
most general scams by simply being aware
of what to look out for

it has become increasingly popular as an
expat destination in recent years and it
is now recognized as a safe place for
foreigners to live and work
expats are attracted by the nice weather
low cost of living
lively culture and the steady
improvements in vietnam’s infrastructure
citizens from most other countries are
eligible for residence visas that is
valid for up to one
year number eight qatar
qatar is a very safe country in asia in
terms of security
there is almost zero street crimes as
the consequences of crime are pretty
another advantage of living and working
in qatar is the low tax rate and high
monthly wages
however people entering the country with

the motive of just work and live
may notice that while some things may be
cheaper here others may be quite
apart from very cheap petrol many daily
goods are getting more expensive in
qatar than
any other country in asia overall though
it has much to offer and is a nice
safe place to live
number seven indonesia indonesia
is fairly safe compared with many other
countries in asia
but there are certain parts of the
country which are not as friendly for
nevertheless for the most part indonesia
is very safe

most expats find themselves living in
the popular tourist hub of bali
and the sprawling metropolis of jakarta
the country’s capital and economic
cultural and financial center
also living in indonesia is very cheap
you can live comfortably with a monthly
budget of around
600 in any urban area of the country
furthermore buying a house in this
country is very easy for expats
as a result indonesia is perhaps the
most iconic retirement destination
in asia number six
united arab emirates the united arab
emirates is an amazingly modern country
rich in skyscrapers malls line buildings
and contemporary roads and public

the biggest mall in the world is also
located here so this country is a dream
come true to all shopping lovers
it is a really safe country to measure and
work many say that it is among the
safest countries in the world and it is
also ranked 31st in the ranking of the
most safest countries
overall safety should not be an issue if
you plan on living and working in the
additionally the country is rated the
best place to live and work
globally by professionals seeking career
progression financial security
and a great place to raise a family
apart from these aspects
uae is rich with vast sandy beaches and
turquoise water
and since it’s among the safest
countries in the world almost 90 percent
of its population
are expats

number five taiwan taiwan is a very safe
place to live with crime rates that
consistently place it as one of the
safest countries in the world
this is due to their strict adherence to
the law taiwanese conduct themselves in
an orderly and respectful manner
and when in taiwan you should as well
one of the biggest upsides of living in
is the low cost of living despite being
a large asian metropole taiwan is still
much cheaper than the likes of singapore
and japan
however in some respects it is still
more expensive than some of the
countries found in southeast asia
with about 800 000 foreigners living in

it is ranked among the best and safest
countries in asia
number four malaysia malaysia is a
rapidly developing country that combines
excellent infrastructure and high
quality healthcare options with a very
low cost of living
it is also ranked as the fifth best
retirement destination in the world by
the expatriate magazine
living in this country as an expat is
absolutely safe

where you live will influence how safe
you are though as there are different
rates of crime throughout the country
doing your research is going to tell you
what parts of the country are safest
as well as which parts aren’t safe
moreover living in malaysia is cheap
maybe not as cheap as thailand but then
again malaysia is a lot more developed
the downside of the country is that
finding a decent job is quite
difficult even for successful

number three south korea as opposed to
its heavily veiled northern neighbor
south korea is very inviting and safe
for expats violent crime and theft are
basically non-existent especially
against foreigners
the lowest in
comparison to other developed countries
the cost of living in south korea is
quite reasonable in general
though the capital city seoul is quite
expensive housing is typically south
korean residence’s biggest expense
generally you should expect to spend
between 1500 monthly depending on the area you reside
and what you consider to be an
acceptable level of comfort

the number of foreign nationals in south
korea is increasing rapidly
more than one million foreigners live in
this country
number two japan japan is the second
most populous island nation in the world
and violence it’s safe

it’s quiet the food is good the standard
of living is high the people are mostly
friendly and polite
if it fits your lifestyle then you can
make yourself at home there quite easily
also it is ranked 6th in the world in
terms of peace and safety
furthermore the standard of living in
japan is generally high and good
healthcare and education facilities are
in place

the culture is very unique and living in
this country presents a fascinating
experience for expats
number one singapore
located in the southeastern part of asia
at the tip of malaysia
singapore is known for its personal
security diversity
and modernism it is also ranked as the
fifth most safest country in the world
according to the global peace index
however the laws are a bit stricter in
some parts smoking is illegal which
makes the air cleaner
for women to travel alone in this
country it is safer compared to other

the working environments in singapore
are corporation free the market economy
is modern with electronics and

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