10 most successful startup 2020

kovid is a killer not only of so many

innocent lives but its victims include

many businesses too

long-standing businesses to small corner

shops have shut their doors in the wake

of the pandemic disaster

but somehow despite the tragedy some

entrepreneurs have succeeded against the


the pandemic has offered many problems

and those who are able to resolve them

have found unlikely success in a year

that’s all but gone to hell in a


we’ve had a look at all the startups

that shone bright this year and picked

some of our favorites to highlight

they’ve done interesting and unique work

and this year when all the odds were

stacked against them

have done well and reminded us that it’s

possible to win

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so without further ado we present an

inspiring list of 10 of the most

successful startups of 2020

number 10. air garage nothing beats the

problem-solving nature

of necessity in our ever more populated

cities there’s a never-ending parking


air garage to the rescue with their

simple and efficient solution

instead of trying to fit more parking

spaces into already crammed cities

they’re on a mission to offer already

available spaces more efficiently

by creating a platform that allows

anyone with access to parking spaces

to rent them out on demand they’re able

to bridge the gap with needy inner city

drivers and the lack of parking

a simple connect the dots business model

offers earning opportunity to businesses

and churches

to monetize their unused parking and

parking spaces for drivers

their idea has already raised two

million dollars and we are sure they’ll

soon be parking more profit

number nine airtable airtable has

changed the spreadsheet game as we know


they’ve merged databases and applied

them to spreadsheets

now you can create an air table that you

can modify like a spreadsheet but

far simpler select input cells or add


drop down lists and add attachments like

images and can be able to preview them

in a cell

it makes teamwork a breeze and allows

you to limit the information needed


teams and projects to streamline

production and increase security

in september 2020 they’d raised 185

million dollars in their series d

funding round number eight capella space

many people probably thought this idea

was a pie in the sky but capella space

has come into its own as the only

commercially available

sar satellite sar stands for synthetic

aperture radar which allows photographs

of the earth’s surface even through


it can even detect sub-meter changes to

the earth’s surface

basically for anyone who has a business

of research that needs images of the

earth’s surface

this is the only option to literally

rent a satellite hourly to take snaps

that you need

it’s brilliant it’s genius its timing is


it literally is changing the way we see


number 7 door dash what do you do when

you can’t go out

cook nah who are we kidding we order in

and who better to bring the food right

to our door but doordash

currently doordash is in the business of

on-demand delivery services to 30 000

restaurants and 4 000 towns in the us

they rapidly responded to business in a

pandemic and offered contactless


sealed tamper-proof packaging and a

strict mass compliance

doordash now offers contactless delivery

and all takeout bags will be sealed with


and tamper-proof packaging for enhanced

safety and peace of mind

all dashers merchants and customers will

also be required to wear face coverings

when handling food or deliveries

to date the company is valued at 32

billion dollars

number six dave according to their

website dave is the finance version of

the old david versus goliath tale

three friends tired of endless bank

charges decided to team up and take on

the big banks by offering their


unbelievable banking just because

they’re new doesn’t mean that they don’t

swim with the big fish

they operate with a partnership with

mastercard for all of their debit cards

at last valuation they were valued at

1.2 billion dollars and have an active

customer base of seven

million users and growing

number five calm calm was never more

relevant than admits the panic of 2020.

it offers a lifeline of app-based

meditations that are easy to access

and always just a few seconds away of

course we’re firm believers in the

strength the practice of meditation

brings you so we’re big fans of calm

if you haven’t tried meditation yourself

or want to go deeper into it

why not try our course mind mastery it’s

a meditation course we spent over a year

creating with aluxers in mind

join us at alux.com mind mastery

number four divi homes we love this


divi is all about the business of

financial equity they help average

people get their foot in the property

market and build wealth and financial


they offer rent to own options on homes

so you can rent your dream home while

divi helps you save for a down payment

when you’re ready make a down payment to

begin buying it or withdraw your savings

to spend it elsewhere

it’s making millennial home owning a

reality one rental payment at a time

number three robin hood robin hood is a

financial services company that allows

people to invest in crypto trading and

traditional stocks through a simple

mobile app or website

they have no branches or storefronts and

offer their fee free service

entirely online they’re recognized by

finra and the u.s securities and

exchange commission

but like ye olde namesake they profit

from the rich and don’t take from the


they’re able to keep their transactions

free by earning revenue from interest

earned on customers cash balances and

margin lending

they have 13 million users 80 of which

are millennials

number 2 bloomscape bloomscape gets the

number two spot on our list for being

the greenest tech startup of the year

quite literally they’re greening the

planet up one

indoor space at a time who would have

thought that making plants accessible

would be one of the hottest businesses

of 2020

with so many of us confined to our homes

and apartments it was important for the

sake of our sanity to bring the outdoors

in with just a few clicks that’s exactly

what bloomscape does for its customers


indoor spaces and they’re 24 million in

the green

to show for it number one all birds

shoes are a tricky game to fit into but

all birds manage to do it in style while

keeping it environmentally friendly

and with the most comfortable fit you

can imagine

there are only two kinds of all bird

wearers those who haven’t tried them

and those who’ve tried them and will

never go back their unique selling point

is you know exactly how many kilograms

of carbon your sneaker took to create

and it’s a lot lower than the average

they aim to continue to reduce the

carbon footprint to zero

and they’re making great strides with

their recent 1.6 billion

valuation it’s clear they’re making

steps in the right direction

so alexers what’s the best startup

business you’ve used lately

tell us all about it in the comments we

can’t wait to hear

now since you stuck around all the way

to the end of this video

we of course have a bonus for you king

of the startup elon musk has seen some

progress in his hyperloop project in


he first publicly mentioned his

hyperloop concept in 2012.

initially he wanted to incorporate

reduced pressure tubes in which

pressurized capsules ride on air

bearings using linear induction motors

but the test version launched in 2020

using a cl2 with low pressure that a pod

travels through

almost entirely free of friction or air

resistance the first

human test of his by spacex took place

over a one mile long track

safely carrying josh geigel its chief

technology officer

and sarah lucian director of passenger

experience at 172 kilometers per

hour a much slower speed than the

anticipated 1200 kilometers an hour

but a good first run and nobody’s head

exploded which is a real win for the new


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