10 highest Earning tik tokres of 2020

number 10 baby ariel fluctuating

her net worth fluctuates drastically

depending on who you ask

some say as little as 400 000 while

others report an impressive 6 million

and her exact 2020 earnings are not

clear either

suffice to say she’s doing all right

ariel rebecca martin made a huge

impression on

musically when her famous birthdays

credited her for being the first person

to have over 20 million followers on the


she bagged two teen choice awards and

released an original song called

ah which has clocked over 54 million

views on youtube

the talented tick tock star can add

author to her resume as well

as she released her autobiography called

dreaming out loud

and alexa’s her biggest piece of advice


you gotta be you babies

number nine spencer x 1.2 million


his dream is to one day beat box with

beyonce and perform at the super bowl

spencer polanco knight is well on his

way to making that dream a reality

this tick tock star has 47.4 million

followers and his uploads have garnered

over 1.1 billion likes

the video that puts spencer x on the map

was called one beatboxer 14 genres

and to follow up one beatboxer 20 sound

effects also went viral

he’s collaborated with alicia keys russ


sean kingston and other well-known

tick-tock stars his beat boxing skills

have won him several accolades

including the vice champion title at the

midwest beatbox battle in ohio

plus mentions in the village voice and

usa today

he’s also secured partnerships with

brands like sony oreo and hbo

his beatboxing along with jason derulo

to savage love

is epic handy luxers if you want to try

and beatbox yourself

say puppets and puppeteers quickly and

repeatedly puppets and puppeteers

puppets and puppeteers puppets and

puppeteers puppets and puppeteers

number eight michael lee 1.2 million


with over 41.1 million followers and

more than 1.1 billion likes

michael lee is well on his way to

building an empire in fact

that’s exactly what he wants to do

michael e wants to be a mogul

now he was not an overnight success it

took him years to gain traction but

things changed in september 2019 when

his followers grew exponentially

around 60 of his earnings are made from

brand deals

30 from labels and the rest through

other means

he’s extremely focused on his family as

you can see in his video uploads

his mom has 3 million followers on tik

tok and his sister 1.3 million and his

five-year-old brother

had nine million followers but his

account was shut down because

he’s a little young for his own account

according to ftc regulations

number seven josh richards 1.5 million


this canadian tick tock star wears many

hats influencer investor

entrepreneur and podcast star like many

tick tock stars josh started on

musically and he’s been on social media

since he was 14.

his younger sister introduced him to it

and he hopped on with her videos and was


he left canada and headed to la where he

moved in with bryce hall

the pair stayed with other influencers

in sway house and worked together to

build their brands

josh is a private equity investor and

the chief strategy officer of

triller each week he uploads three

videos and earns top dollar through

sponsorship deals and brand endorsements

he takes his role as an influencer

seriously and reminds himself daily with

a tattoo on his wrist which says with


comes responsibility number six

riaz ali two million dollars with 43.5

million subscribers we’re not certain at

this stage

riaz will grow his numbers why well

because the 29th of june

india banned tiktok along with 58 other

chinese-owned apps

due to a violent border clash between

china and india

he developed a following not just for

his great lip syncing videos but his

sense of style is influencing purchasing

decisions globally

while he might not be super active on

tik tok right now he’s been super active

releasing a punjabi song

produced by aggraman and azimon the song

is called gucci and was released on the

8th of october

number 5 dixie emilio 2.9 million


hey luxers we’d like to introduce you to

the older sibling of charlie dimelio

dixie she has 42.1 million followers

with posts that have reached over 1.4

billion likes

she’s the ninth most followed individual

on tick tock and released her first

single in june 2020

called be happy the single has performed

phenomenally well and has been viewed

over 100 million times on youtube

her entire family are wrapped by united

talent agency

and she’s a fan of dakota fanning well

we’ll just assume it’s because two of

her favorite movies

are cat in the hat and war of the worlds

number four zach king three million


he’s a multi-talented tick-tock

sensation who can add illusionist

filmmaker and comedian to his portfolio


king has 51.9 million followers at the

time this video was made

but his fans are growing exponentially

and it’s easy to see why

his videos are entertaining funny well

made and he’s won

several awards over the years he’s

married to rachel holm they have two

sons together

liam and mason a helpful quote from zach


when you don’t tackle a niche you’re not

tackling anything

and he’s certainly found his niche with

his perfectly executed illusions

number 3. lauren gray three million


a lexer’s reports differ to lauren

gray’s earnings

so we’re opting for the three million

dollars suggested by more than one site

she’s been in the biz since she was 14

years old and amassed a following of

48.6 million followers on tick tock

and her videos have been liked over 2.6

billion times

lauren is signed to virgin records and

capital records and has appeared on

several music videos including harvey’s

personal and taylor swift’s

the man the last single she released was

in may 2020 called cake

which has been watched over two million

times on youtube and was added to the

playlist of south korean singer and


jisoo someone who also likes the music


is taking our number two spot charlie


4 million dollars over 96 million

followers and counting

this is charlie demilio the younger

sibling of dixie

her videos have over 7.4 billion thumbs

up and she’s featured some incredible

talent on many of them

including bb rexa for charlie it was all

about timing

in her own bio she writes don’t worry i

don’t get the hype either

mark fadul an ai researcher at the uc

berkeley school of information

confirms that charlie is a median user

and she quote

carries the perfect message for the

brand’s strategy on tick tock

everyone can be famous and happy

number one addison ray 5 million dollars

and aluxers we’ve arrived at our biggest

earner on tick tock for 2020

addison ray she has 67 million followers

at over 4.2 billion likes on her videos

before addison found tick tock fame she

had planned to become a sports

activities broadcaster

and had briefly attended louisiana state

university to study

after amassing a million fans on tick

tock she left uni to pursue a tick tock


reebok l’oreal hollister and american

eagle have all worked with addison

and she’s made five million dollars in

2020 from endorsement deals and


what’s more you’ll be able to catch

addison ray in the upcoming remake

he’s all that so elixers which of these

tick tock stars are your favorite

we’d love to hear from you in the

comments and since you stuck with us

until the end

here’s your bonus a tick-tocker worth

mentioning is definitely lauren godwin

who posts hilarious skits pranks on her

boyfriend and pokes fun at herself

she was nominated for the muser of the

year in 2016

and her fans are called the godwin gang

she adores christmas so be sure to

become one of her 20 million subscribers

because she’ll be posting some quality

christmas content

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