10 greatest scientists who changed the world

ten greatest scientists who changed the


number ten Aristotle he was a Greek

philosopher and scientist better known

as the teacher of Alexander the Great

his writings constitute the first

comprehensive system of Western

philosophy which includes views about

morality and aesthetics logic and

science politics and metaphysics this

system became the supporting pillar of

both Islamic and Christian scholastic

thought Aristotle developing one of the

main topics of the pre-socratic believed

that the world was built up of five

basic elements fire earth air water and

ether number nine Galileo Galilei he is

called as the father of modern science

because of his discoveries in astronomy

and physics he built his own telescope

in 1609 and used it to study the cosmos

eventually concluding that Earth’s solar

system is heliocentric Galileo’s

theories on motion were later used as

the foundation of Isaac Newton’s work

number eight Archimedes he was a Greek

mathematician philosopher and inventor

who wrote important works on geometry

arithmetic and mechanics he is most

famous for discovering the law of


sometimes known as Archimedes principle

stating that a body immersed in fluid

loses weight equal to the weight of the

amount of fluid it displaces he is

supposed to have made this discovery

when stepping into his bath causing him

to exclaim Eureka number seven Michael

Faraday British citizen Michael Faraday

was a son of a blacksmith who had to

leave school in the fourth grade but he

developed a fascination with science and

particularly in electricity after he

studied lot of serious academic works

during his days

Faraday especially known for his

discoveries of electromagnetic induction

z’ and rotations field theory

diamagnetism and the magneto optical

effect this humble genius invented the

electric motor and Faraday’s ring he

also wrote books on experimental

research is in electricity and the

chemical history of the candle

number six Thomas Alva Edison he was

forced to leave the school by his

teacher after three month of official

schooling but he dreamed of lamp that

could be operated by electricity he

patented a whopping total of 1093

inventions in his lifetime most of the

inventions that came from Edison are

batteries phonographs cement mining

Telegraph’s lights and powers he also

improved the telephone made by Graham

Bell and invented the Kinetoscope that

was used for viewing moving films

number five Marie Curie when Marie Curie

was ten years old her mother died after

this much of suffering

she holds record for the first female to

be awarded with a Nobel Prize inventor

and scientist Marie Curie has always

remained a source of inspiration and

motivation for different female

scientists because of her determination

to work she invented the first mobile

x-ray machine which helped to check the

injured soldiers in the battlefield

radium is another great invention from

her she is also called the mother of

Adam on with her invention of the

radioactive materials number four Louis

Pasteur he was born in Dahl Jura France

to a Catholic family of a poor Tana

but he made astounding contributions in

the field of science technology and

medicine and spent his life working in

chemistry and microbiology he explained

about biogenesis and proposed a theory

named as the germ theory and created a

process of toning in treating milk free

from the damage causing microbes to what

he called pasteurization Pasteur is also

regarded as the first man on earth to

ever discover cure for pure Perl fever

and make the vaccines for rabies and

anthrax number three Nikola Tesla he was

a celibate his whole life he had

developed almost everything by himself

and did not expose any of it which later

was invented by other scientists in his

time x-rays by Rankine radar by Watson

what were all devised by Nikola Tesla

there was almost nothing that Tesla did

not do first hydroelectricity plant in

Niagara Falls experiments with cryogenic

engineering were all built by Tesla he

was a future thinker and his minds would

run on any wavelengths number two Isaac

Newton he was born three months after

the death of his father a prosperous

farmer also named Isaac Newton he

explained the theory on tides which

occurred due to the gravitation pull

from the Sun Moon and Earth he also

invented the reflecting telescope

Newton’s laws can be found in different

areas of mechanics optics and chemistry

Newton explained the theory of gravity

and gravity

by inventing calculus as no other

principles could explain it

number one Albert Einstein he did not

start speaking until he was four and he

failed his university entrance exam in

1895 at the age of seventeen

Einstein is considered as one of the

greatest revolutionary scientist the

world has ever known one of the greatest

scientist of the 20th century Einstein’s

special theory of relativity

revolutionized physics which even

challenged the scientists at CERN he

established the world’s most famous

equation e equals MC square on which the

atomic bomb is also based this rare

genius was awarded Nobel Prize in 1921

for his work on theoretical physics and

discovery of the photoelectric effect


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