10 biggest business mistakes in 2020

here we go number one toodaroo

tutoru is a tutoring website based in


the site gives people the opportunity to

connect with tutors in their city

or online to learn another language so

how did this company make a serious


they released an advert promoting their

online tutoring services

doesn’t sound bad does it except they

featured a british man trying to get the

phone number for a chinese

lady when she gives him the number she


sex sex sex free sex tonight he’s

confused and she punches the numbers

into the phone

666-3629 they received a lot of backlash

for stereotyping the asian accent and

despite the backlash

they refused to apologize or remove the


number two uber uber lyft and doordash

spend a whopping 200 million dollars to

endorse and get people to vote in favor

of proposition 22

which would exempt drivers from the

state law requiring them to be

considered as

employees 58 of people voted in favor of

proposition 22

but while trying to get that majority

yes vote uber sent push notifications to


which they had to read and confirm

before they could order their ride

the message read say yes on prop 22

will you this ad is paid for by uber


inc the message also said if passengers

don’t vote yes

they would increase wait times and

prices would rise

passengers were less than impressed with

the aggressive nature of the

communication and

pointed out it broke apple app store


number three burger king veganuary is a

non-profit organization in the uk that

promotes veganism and aims to get people

to follow a vegan lifestyle

they’ve dubbed january veganuary to

encourage others to follow a vegan

lifestyle for just a month

great idea and burger king hopped on

board with their plant-based burger

one problem they were grilling the

patties on the same grill they were

using for their meat patties

to add insult to injury the burgers were

served with mayonnaise

containing eggs a spokesperson for the

vegan society called the launch

a quote missed opportunity

number 4 sports direct

so while the world was shutting up shop

sports direct boss

mike ashley deemed his stores to be an

essential surface

his reasoning was that while people

couldn’t get to gyms they could at least

train at home this would have put his

own staff on the front line and public

and staff were quick to call him out for

he has since apologized saying his

decision was

ill-judged and poorly timed and said he

would learn from his mistakes

he continued by saying i’m deeply

apologetic about the misunderstandings

of the last few days

we will learn from this and try not to

make the same mistakes in the future

unfortunately recent reports have

highlighted that sports direct warehouse

doesn’t have hand sanitizing stations

masks or gloves available for their


however fraser’s group said they did go

and investigate the allegations at the

shire brook site and all was in

accordance with government regulations

so who’s fooling who

number five diamond mist it’s not

uncommon to have a celebrity endorse a


but you certainly pay for the service so

what’s the next

best thing diamond mist suppliers of


e-cigarettes and similar products

decided to use a celebrity look-alike

and pretend the actual celeb endorsed

their products

the vaping company released a series of

adverts using a

mo farah look-alike with the slogan


mad for menthol and it wasn’t long

before the real mo farah found out

he took to twitter to reassure his fans

he was in no way in partnership with the


and was suing the brand for using a look

alike and his name

the advertising standards authority

banned the advert

it probably would have cost diamond

missed less if they had just approached

mo farah and asked him to be their brand

ambassador from the get-go

number six richard’s group

founder of the dallas-based advertising

company the richards group

resigned in 2020 after he made some

racist remarks

the firm is the largest independently

owned advertising

agency in the country and are known for

creating the famous slogan

we’ll leave the light on for you from

motel 6 in 1986

so back to the racist remarks founder

stan richards

claimed that a personal advert from

motel 6 was
too black for the white supremacist

constituents of the hotel’s chain

several groups cut ties with the company

including keurig

dr pepper h-e-b cracker barrel home

depot and the salvation army

since then the company sent out a

statement saying the following

our brand has been tarnished we

understand and regret the pain and

concerns of all those who are deeply

troubled by the words our founders spoke

in richard’s statement he added if this

was a publicly held company i’d be fired

for the comments i made

but we are not public so i’m firing


the richards group has since implemented

six diversity equity and inclusion


as well as bias training for all

employees and a promise to keep track of

their progress

and efforts number 7

boeing it was a rough start for boeing

in 2020 as they were still dealing with

the 737 max crisis

of 2019. the craft was said to have more

fuel-efficient engines

a longer range cheaper operating costs

updated avionics

cabins and similar insides so pilots

could easily adjust to the new craft

on october 29 2019 a max plane

lion air flight 610 took off from


on the plane’s previous trip it had

given the wrong speed and altitude

readings but was deemed ready to fly

despite that

12 minutes later the plane crashed into

the java sea

189 people died fast forward a few

months and the same things happened to

ethiopian airlines flight 302

all 157 people on board were killed

the company denied any safety concerns

internal emails were revealed to show

that executives

mocked their regulator and joked about

safety and in their annual reputation

report for 2020

they scored a minus 71 where

zero is neutral only in june of 2020 did

the head of the federal

aviation administration steve dixon

admit that mistakes were made in

developing the 737 max jet

number 8 weatherspoons it was a pr

nightmare for weatherspoons when their

chairman tim martin managed to say the

wrong thing

several times we can’t deny that covet

has caused a lot of uncertainty and

anxiety but when you tell your 43 000

employees they’re not going to get any

payment until the government’s

furlough scheme began in other words

they’ll have zero income for about

two months that’s pretty heartless he

also insisted that his bars

stay open during the crisis really not

giving a about his staff safety

and then saying if they weren’t happy

with the situation they could just go

work at tesco’s

it certainly leaves a bitter taste in

your mouth unlike their signature baked


number 9. mcdonald’s waste of time

and disappointing were words used to

describe this fail by mcdonald’s in the

beginning of 2020.

mcdonald’s offered customers a free

breakfast mcmuffin if they visited

participating restaurants before 11am

somehow they encountered a technical

glitch and the customers couldn’t get

their promised free meal because the app

code wouldn’t register

what aggravated the situation even more

was the lack of apology from the chain

and elixirs we’ve saved the best or

should we say the worst

for last number 10. oh

paulie what was meant to be a good deed

turned sour for fashion brand oh poly

to show appreciation for nhs frontline

workers they ran a competition for them

with the first prize being a care


a new outfit and an invite to a virtual

party a glasgow nurse won the prize but

couldn’t attend the virtual event


she was working a 12-hour shift oh polly

then told her that because she couldn’t

attend the event

she couldn’t claim the prize ouch talk

about a great idea totally backfiring

they did apologize but at that point the

damage was already done

so alexers which of these business

mistakes do you find the most defensive

share your thoughts with us in the

comments and of course since you stuck


us until the end we’ve got your bonus

for you in south africa

donovan tooth director of panda clothing

went on a rant on social media

body shaming women he compared two

photographs of women in different sizes

and said here you have two models one

who looks athletic

built well sexy and then you’ve got

another one that is overweight and

represents anything but being healthy

lean and having a slim body the brand

and the shareholders have disassociated


with tooth’s comments and issued an

apology to all women

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