Top 10 african countries with the most Intelligent people

Top ten African countries What are intelligent people Intelligence quotient definition States that the intelligence quotient is Often a measure of intellectual ability IQ is confused with a concrete Performance or education but also Others have the ability to perform Words for comprehension ability Combining and learning is not a person Less intelligent due to… Read More »

10 highest salary paying countries for workers

which countries have the highest salaries in the world you may be asking this question if you’re planning to work abroad to have a better life for yourself and your family keep in mind that countries have their own cultures languages industries policies and working conditions depending on your skills work experience and personal preference… Read More »

Top 10 best biotechnology in India 2020

the top ten biotechnology companies in India which are active in the biotechnology sector and number 10 is it is a walk hard walk hard limited established in 1960 and its corporate offices in Mumbai and number nine is it is a GSK GSK Stanford Glasgow Smith Kaline and the company was established in year… Read More »

Top 10 video game companies of the United kingdom

the top 10 British video game developers. For this list, we’ll be focusing on themost impressive and significant video game developers from Britain, both past and present. We’re starting with a typically Britishbrand of gaming here, as Sports Interactive is famously known for creating the extremelyaddictive “Championship Manager” and “Football Manager”. Essentially just focussing on… Read More »

Top 10 global logistics companies in the world

number ten D TDC basically engine it also offers global services it was founded in the year 1990 and since then has widened its network around the country today it has one of India’s largest domestic delivery networks and covers over 10,000 pin codes across the nation it is headquartered in Bangalore and handles over… Read More »